Bike Packing Bags and Kit Choices (Part One)

There is plenty out there for people looking for bike packing bags. Information abound on websites like, bearbonebikepacking,, etc, where you can draw on a wealth of knowledge of people who have been doing this much longer than I have. What I can offer, if it is of any help, is a closer … Continue reading Bike Packing Bags and Kit Choices (Part One)


French Divide 2017

At some point I mentioned that I had raced the Transcontinental, a solo, unsupported bike race across Europe. I raced two editions, Number 3 (2015) and Number 4 (2016). Number 3 didn’t go according to plan and I pulled out with knee problems just before I reached Venice. Number 4 was a much better race … Continue reading French Divide 2017